Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A bit of whining to start...

Oh man, I've been telling myself I need to start blogging since I first heard the news that Harlequin would be publishing my erotic novella, Carnal Punishment in February 2012.

Everyone tells you, over and over, that creating a successful book is 20% writing and 80% promotion.

That's the tricky bit, though, right? Writers are often introverts (nothing wrong with that!) who are less interested in the money making end of things than in the careful choice of words and sentences, the evocation of a scene, the delineation of a character. Writing a book, articulating thoughts and ideas you might never have expressed to any one before, can be an extremely daunting  act, and the idea that you then have to SHILL those ideas is dispiriting... At least for me.

I just want people to read my stuff and get a kick out of my story. I want to connect to people, but I want to do it at a safe remove...  Dudes it's bad enough I've written an EROTIC novella (what would my mother think?!?) that features a disembodied Egyptian ghost getting a little rapey, the idea that I then have to go out and convince people to read it is downright sick-making.

But, you know what my babies? I'm committing to doing this. After all, we only get one crack at this nutty crazy world of ours and I don't want to be 90 (yes, I'll make it that far) on my deathbed, metaphorically kicking myself for not marketing the bejesus out of my super sexy, s&m'y story.

So. Dudes -- go buy it!

Harlequin has distributed it left right and centre, so if you're in the market for sexy sado-masochist stories about plucky archaeologists, brooding bosses and, yeah, a sexed up poltergeist with control issues... Here are a few places to get it:




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  1. Mia! You've popped my erotica cherry. How can I thank you. I've just spent a highly enjoyable couple of hours - in public, no less! - giggling away at your double entendres and orgasms. Super fun. I'll admit I was stressed out when Tessa yanked on that golden lever in the first place - sounds like shoddy excavating to me - as well as during the hand job under the breakfast table. Surely the waitress must have known??? Also, during the sex in the sand fantasy. That sand gets into all the nooks and crannies...gives new meaning to 'exfoliate'. So, what's next??