Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cleaning the Car

Things found whilst vacuuming the car for the first time since 2009

1. Topical antibiotic cream used to treat horrifying Virginia Creeper rash; believed lost in 2010
2. A full container of yogurt, dated three months earlier
3. $15.29 in change
4. An entire box worth of Cheerios
5. A packet of soy sauce, so old it had changed from black to a lustrous, golden amber
6. A 5 euro cent piece
7. Beloved children's classic, Baby Koala Climbs!
8. The resolution to never let it get this bad again


  1. I can't help but notice the absence of:
    1. wallet?
    2. Keys?
    3. Aero chocolate bar?

    1. 1. found after four month absence under the seat. All cards replaced already, but cash and stamps still welcome.
      2. Keys were put on TOP of the car, therefore lost forever in the snow drifts of the National Capital Region.
      3. That one isn't on me, toots.

  2. What will you do with your riches? We haven't cleaned our car since we bought and D has made it a point of pride that the one year mark is about to pass.

    1. I can't believe YOU of all people haven't cleaned out the car. How is that possible?!