Friday, 31 August 2012

Gates and Gratitude

We've got a new gate in our backyard (no this isn't any kind of sexy talk euphemism). It's a new, white picket gate demarcating the end of our lawn and the beginning of the lane. It's so pretty! It took over a year to come to fruition because my fella did it all himself, which is extremely admirable and extremely slow. I love our gate SO much. Prior to the arrival of the Wonder Gate we had a derelict metal thing that our neighbours had run their car into. It was banged up and rusty and filled with tetanus and springy pointy bits and it didn't really close and if you touched it your hands turned a rusty red and it was a complete eyesore. My words can't do justice to how truly awful and eye-sore-ish it was. (note to self: ALWAYS take a "before" shot).

Anyhoots, in the place of that Tetanus Gate there is now this beautiful thing:

I was looking at it tonight thinking how flipping lucky I am to get to live in a house with a gate like that. Not very profound, I know, but life can be really shitty at times, and when life is shitty, I need to remember to look at that gate and feel grateful for everything not shitty (most things) in my life.

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