Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How do I look and can you help me with my foot bulge?

I'm monkeying around with the blog format... Trying to make commenting easier and and make it all seem prettier and more user-friendly. I don't, unfortunately, have a clue about what I'm doing, so if anyone has any comments/suggestions/general abuse feel free to throw them at me either in the comments or via the electronic mail.

While you're communicating with me -- what do you think --  I fell off my bike this afternoon, and now there is a weird giant bulge forming on the inside of my foot. It's kind of blue-ish and a bit bleed-y... It hurts to walk on, but maybe I'm over-thinking it. Should I be concerned?

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  1. Mia,
    I liked the previous look better. The beige header is too blah and boring -- and you are the opposite of boring girl! Also the books look too fake.

    Go to the Dr about your foot ASAP - better safe than sorry. Hope your feet get happy again soon.

  2. Oh yeah, those books are totally fake-looking... Helps to see it on a big screen, thanks for the input! Also, foot bulge has lessened and is now just a really rad bruise.