Sunday, 5 August 2012

Things it would have been helpful to know sooner

  1. Always get the rash looked at
  2. Cheap mouse traps work best
  3. Never wake a toddler who has fallen asleep in the car, until all groceries are unloaded, and possibly you've had a gin and tonic
  4. Relationships should mostly be easy
  5. Thank-you notes are always worth it
  6. Take 2 aspirin before passing out
  7. When you need to pee in a bathing suit, you can just scooch the crotch material over, without having to take the whole thing off
  8. People don't offer to help unless they mean it
  9. If your tights keep slipping down, wearing your underwear OVER them will keep them up
  10.  Always carry bandaids
  11. How long you breastfeed really doesn't matter
Anyone else have others to offer?

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