Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Hairpin

My piece on writing Carnal Punishment and Love's Bouquet is up at The Hairpin!

Check it out! Not only is it super exciting to be getting the word out about my smut, but it's quite thrilling to make the cut for The Hairpin, which is my all time fave website... Funny, feministy and quirky without being all smug about it. The comments are always fantastic, and they're like an asshole-free zone on the Interwebs... Miraculous, like unicorns and fresh corn on the cob. Love it.

Also, in two wonderful worlds colliding, the fantastic Edith Zimmerman, editor of The Hairpin is being interviewed on
Q today (though sadly for her, not by that deep voiced delight, Jian Ghomeshi). She's talking about the death of Helen Gurley Brown.

Aieee! So much good in the world!

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