Thursday, 9 August 2012


I am mere moments from a fabulous getaway and I can't get there soon enough.

I'm off to a cottage for the weekend, and not just any cottage, but possibly the Platonic ideal of a cottage. Not too fancy (no TV, no Interwebs, no insulation) but not so rustic that there's no running water, electricity or screens to keep the bugs out. It's on Bob's Lake, which is kind of perfect all by itself. There's not a ton to do... Crossword puzzles to fail to complete (I don't KNOW the Jewish months, alright?!), 10-year old magazines to read, CBC to listen to, lake to jump in, kayaks to kayak. 

[Sidenote, I can't think of "kayak" without thinking of this clip from Celine Dion's interview with Larry King about Hurricane Katrina. -skip to 3:00 ish for the relevant watercraft reference with hand movements. Mother of Pearl, I enjoy that crazy crazy lady with her out-there emotions]

While I'm eagerly anticipating the cottage for all of the reasons mentioned above, plus wine wine wine and friends friends friends, I'm mostly super psyched to get away from my husband and child. Shocking, I know, but I've had a bit of a crusty summer...  Job craziness, bat infestations, random maladies, ailments, infirmities and complaints... I just need a break from neediness (and the bats, the swooping, swooping bats) and from thinking of myself as a unit, rather than a me. I love being in a relationship and being a mum, but the two can be a bit identity-gobbling, so it's nice to have some away time to remember who I am at my core -- a fairly indolent lady who likes to read a lot.

Apart from getting sunburned, mosquito-bitten, cheese-bloated and drunk, isn't that the whole point of cottaging?

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